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Kunshan Kuang Hong Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a group of highly experienced technical team composed of professionals.· Founded in 2011, team members in the past three decades in the mechanical design and development of the accumulated wealth of experience, as well as our understanding of the mechanical manufacturing, we have a drawing, design and manufacture and installation in areas such first-hand experience.1994: Taiwan is Hon.....
Kunshan Kuang Hong Automation Equipment Co., Ltd
Tel?512-57680955 0512-57680967
Address:Totally new Palestinian town of Kunshan Road 218 on the 5th plant
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· Technological Superior 2013/5/8
豆奶视频app官网 Copyright@ 2013Kunshan Kuang Hong Automation Equipment Co., Ltd All Rights Reserved Record Number:SU ICP 13043772245 Planning and production?a href="http://www.ks35.com" target="_blank" class="font_12">KUNSHAN NETLINK
TEL?512-57680955 0512-57680967 FAX?512-57680755 EMAIL:business@kh-auto.com ADDRESS:Totally new Palestinian town of Kunshan Road 218 on the 5th plant
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